This photo project was originally supposed to mean posting ten photos on the 10th of each month. But after getting used to shooting and posting every single day last year, the idea of only choosing ten favorites feels really strange. So I decided to scrap the idea and just post as many favorites as I have from the month. Also, I’m posting today, on the 7th, instead of the 10th. I’m not good at following rules.

When you’re finished checking out my photos, please visit my dear friend Kristey’s blog to see what she shot this month!


Sweet Ev enjoying some outdoor time in the yard.
Mr. Isaac. Because he’s home the least during the day, I find I have fewer photos of him than the girls. I was trying to make up for it but he wasn’t really having it at this moment. 😀
This little one keeps me on my toes. In the last month her vocabulary has grown tremendously and her goofy personality is starting to show. She’s a lot like her sisters. 😀
The kids basically spend as many hours as possible on the swingset.
They find it exhilarating to go as high as possible.
Eliza is always willing to get out of bed to help me with a photography project.
On a family hike, I pulled Eliza aside and placed her in a pocket of sunlight and said, “Okay, I’m going to take a photo of you now.” I didn’t request anything of her, but this little pose was just what flowed out of her heart. 🙂 The free and joyful way she lives her life inspires me.
We are living a central air free summer at our house. That means on the warmer days there’s a lot of nudity and camping out in front of fans.
They’ve only been on summer break for a few days, but the cries of, “I’m bored,” are already numerous. Luckily, I have a plan. I’m not sure they’ll *like* the plan, but I have a plan nonetheless.
If Elinor and Eliza miss the opportunity to say goodbye to Daddy when he leaves for work, they are heartbroken. Here’s Elinor waving to him out the window after about two minutes of demanding hugs, kisses, nose (bumping noses), foot (touching feet together), and all the other necessary goodbyes. 
Isaac and Evie were honored to serve as usher and flower girl at Uncle Zach’s wedding this month.
We bought Evie her very first pearl bracelet for the occasion, and she was very protective of it the whole time it was on her wrist.

Here are some of my favorite macro and nature shots I’ve taken this month.


Thanks for viewing! See you next month!


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